Kindred Partners: Creating relational networks to connect churches, schools, businesses, nonprofits, and the city to support vulnerable children and families.  Connecting people to people.  

Our Mission


We exist to make connections where they are desperately needed and in the process provide unique opportunities for those in crisis to develop meaningful and lasting relationships.

Our Connections


We are overwhelmingly committed to living out the love of Christ in our community.  We are compelled to live generously, creatively, gratefully, humbly, and compassionately with great joy because we have been loved so well by God.   We are convinced that connecting people to people through love and hospitality points to the immeasurable love of God.

Our Motives


We operate with a streamlined, dedicated, talented, and qualified team of staff and volunteers are deeply committed to Kindred Partner’s mission of serving vulnerable families and children in our community.

Our Staff


Steve Pringle, Executive Director

Steve has a passion for the underserved and inspiring and equipping others to lead lives of purpose. He is a natural fit for the Executive Director position of Kindred Partners. He is a committed follower of Jesus Christ, a husband and father, and an experienced educational and non-profit executive leader.

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Steve graduated from Multnomah University and later earned a Masters of Arts from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Before joining Kindred Partners, Steve served nearly 20 years in the educational arena, most recently as Interim Principal of Westside Christian High School. During that time he co-founded a program to mobilize young people to develop a heart of compassion, humility, collaboration, restoration, and justice by serving outside in the local community and around the world.

Rachel Wolverton, Program Support Specialist

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Marlys Petersen, Family Coach Supervisor

Marlys has a real heart for helping others in all sorts of circumstances, whether it is counseling young people, training new parents, providing family therapy for at-risk students, or assisting churches in their efforts to serve families in crisis. And she’s always seeking to sharpen her counseling and training skills through additional classes. 

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Marlys received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Master’s College and went on to earn her Masters of Arts in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She has the ideal skillset to serve as the Family Coach Supervisor for Safe Families for Children – Portland.